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Cyprus Airways | The Skies Are Open Again! #MadeToFly


Cyprus Airways' #MadetoFly campaign was created by Ogilvy Cyprus in order to reintroduce Cyprus Airways to locals as well foreign travellers in 2022.

We designed and deployed a digital marketing framework that will increased the demand and ticket sales for Cyprus Airways domestically. This framework was subsequently adapted according to the needs and the digital behavior of audiences in other countries. Convince prospective travelers in specific countries to visit Cyprus & select Cyprus Airways for their trip.

Food, sun, nature, nightlife, island summer vibes, history, tradition. Throughout our inbound video we have chosen to depict some of the island’s more iconic and famous landmarks that will attract our viewers’ attention. Subliminally, we wanted to make them understand that visiting our island will enable them to live a 360 degrees vacation experience, since there is something better in every aspect. This very 360 degrees was highlighted by the respective cinematography technique that we have chosen for the creation of our main video material.

For the creation of our outbount videos, we opted for a strategically chosen cinematography technique -the Parallax technique- inspired by the airplane travelling. Imagine ridding an airplane. When you look out the window and it looks like the ground is moving so slowly, but you are moving at like 500 miles an hour, this is the Parallax effect. It is an effect that occurs when you are moving through space, and the objects that are closer appear to be moving much more quickly than the objects that are further away.


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