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Hellenic Bank | Mastercard Priceless Planet Coalition


For a second year running, and as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility, Hellenic Bank joined the MasterCard Priceless Planet Coalition for the global effort in forest restoration, through a scheme where the bank would donate directly to the cause with every purchase made by Mastercard customers. This year, in cooperation with local communities and the Department of Forests of the Cyprus Ministry of Agriculture, Hellenic Bank made a pledge to enhance the reforestation efforts in Cyprus by planting 1000 trees.  

Under the tagline “Together for something good”, we implemented a 360-communication campaign which consisted of TV, Radio, Media relations, Digital Communication as well as PR Activations such as awareness through influencers, creation of bus banners and two events where little pots of seeds were given to the public. The campaign raised awareness for Hellenic Bank’s participation in the global coalition as well as its efforts to strengthen the reforestation project domestically.  

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